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Möt Mitovski

Mitovski är ett helt nytt sminkmärke på marknaden med två unga kvinnor bakom som båda har över 10års erfarenhet inom skönhetsbranschen.
Märket kom till då en utav dem, makeup artisten Nathalie Mitovski, tyckte att det fattades lyxiga styckfransar ute i butikerna.. och det som inte redan finns, det får man skapa själv!

Mitovskis produkter är veganska!

Borste Giovanni


No babe you don ́t need different brushes, you just need your all-in-one Giovanni. The biggest of them all, yet gentle to the touch. He is the best choice when you want that flawless finish and to save time. Powder, blush, highlight, shading, you name it and Giovanni fix it all.


Want that full cover and a perfect natural look? No worries darling, Rodrigo will take care of you in no time. He is well shaped for your needs and has an incredible soft touch.
And of course he can handle products in all types of formulas.


Blending? Oh yes baby, he´s the one.
In a blink of an eye you have a seamless result that only Valentino can provide.Smooth, soft and easy, he will make your eyeshadow blend together like magic
Borste Elesio


It ́s the small things in life that matters. And Elesio is one of them! Small, elegant and the perfect size to not only nail the details on your eyelid but also add masterly makeup under the eye!
Borste Lorenz


Lorenz, the big brother of Elesio who always has your back. He is there for you, no matter what eye makeup you wish for. With his round shape he makes the colours pop and blend together. But he will never let you blend into the crowd.
Borste Julian


Julian is your secret weapon when you need perfection.
You know those sharp red lips that only exist in magazines?
Now they are yours honey. With his flat and unique tapered tip he is brilliant for all kinds of detail, products and formulas.


Ever heard about Angelo with the amazing angle?
If not, then it is about time!
Precision and defining are his strengths.
And of course he can handle products in all
types of formulas.
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